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Dr. Hany Aly - Non Invasive Ventilation in the Delivery room
Dr. R. E. Alvaro - Apnea, intermittent hypoxic events and inflammation in preterm infants, what do they have in common?
Dr. Yasser Elsayed - The applications of vital signs histograms in nicu
Dr. Sanoj Mohammad - Aiming for Zero Unplanned Extubation
Dr. Rangasamy Ramanathan - The Use of RAM Cannula for LBW infants
Dr. Christoph Fusch - Enteral nutrition of preterm infants
Dr. Fares Chedid - Antibiotics in the Newborn
Dr. Alok Sharma - PDA in the preterm neonate to treat or not to treat
Dr. Fares Chedid - High frequency with volume guarantee
Dr. Anton Van Kaam - Hydrocortisone for BPD
Dr. Yasser Elsayed - Integrating pocus to the decision making in NICU
Dr. Ayman Allam - Palliative care in nicu a step outside the box and a missed opportunity
Dr. Irfan Khan - Digital examination of the retina, screening for retinopathy of prematurity
Dr. Christoph Fusch - Target fortification of human milk for preterm infants
Dr. Rangasamy Ramanathan - Less invasive surfactant administration method for surfactant administration
Dr. Fatma Lobko & Dr. Ghalia Abou Al Chamat - Neonatal outcome in Covid 19 experience at corniche hospital
Dr. Michael Narvey - Hypoglycemia and continuous glucose monitoring a new frontier?
Dr. Alaa Eldemerdash - Management of jaundice in newborn and use of new nomogram
Dr. Prakesh Shah - Quality improvement using network approach canadian experience
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