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Dr. Elham Hossny – Challenges in Allergy and Clinical Immunology Practice in the Middle East
T2 Inflammation in Allergic Diseases
Dr. Ravi Gutta – Allergist Approach to Asthma Management
Dr. Ahmed Ameen – Atopic Dermatitis New Molecule New Hope
Dr. Marilyn Karam – The Impact of Comorbidities in the Management of Asthma
Dr. Bassam Mahboub – Artificial Intelligence in health care delivery
Prof. Ashraf Alzaabi – A Patient-Centric Approach Omalizumab Real World Evidence in Severe Asthma & Comorbidities
Prof. Mohamed Abuzakouk - Eosinophils & Severe Asthma from Definitions to Molecular Mechanisms
Dr. Rand K Arnaout – Biologics in Severe Asthma: When, How and What
Dr. Ahmed Aldhaheri – JAK Inhibitors in Dermatology
Prof. Eike Wustenberg – Tame the house dust mite allergy with the first and only SLIT Tablet in the Emirates
Dr. Mura Almurrawi – Atopic dermatitis clinical update
Dr. Hamad Al Hameli – Hereditary angioedema and long term prophylaxis
Dr. Saad Alsaleh – Changing treatment paradigm in CRSwNP
Dr. David Cremonesini – Making the most of food allergy tests
Dr. Hiba Shendi – ABC of primary immune deficiency diagnosis
Dr. Andrew Gennery – HSCT and gene therapy for primary immunodeficiency
Sanofi – Type 2 Inflammation Experts, Panel Managing real life cases
Dr. Shuayb Elkhalifa – Diagnostic and management challenges in food allergy
Dr. Amer Azaz – Eosinophillic GI Diseases in children
Dr. Inmaculada Cerecedo – Oral immunotheraphy for severe food allergy where are we?
Dr. Philip Rouadi – New insights for the optimal management of allergic diseases
Dr. Irfan Shafiq – Clinical diagnostic tools for allergic airway diseases
Dr. Fulvio Salvo – Evidence based approach for diagnosing drug allergy in your clinic
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